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3/12 HAPPY MARCH TOPSY TURVY! We are currently about to start our third site event of the year and this one is going to be a open theme, so please get creative and plot some fun plots! Like always Please check the announcements boards for some new additives and fun ideas we've have planned for the site, this month we added a Snapchat board so people can get creative post some in character snaps. OTM's have been updated and Congrats to the new winners! As always feel free to let us know if you have any fun plots, ideas, or challenges we can do on this site. Thank you all for making the site so wonderful and filled with great contents! Always, Your Admin Team. <3

Welcome to our fun little corner of the internet. We are a Disney Personified site set in the port city of New Orleans, Louisiana, where the residents never cease to surprise you. While no one yet remembers who they are they are starting to have strange powers pop up and complicate their lives. The closest thing any one has been able to figure is that they started to make their appearance shortly after the city was struck by a massive earthquake. Some search for answers. Other try to suppress and harness their powers before it consumes them. There's even those that strive to take the power of others for themselves. The question is, what will happen next?

We have a freeform application and a 300+ word count, though we strongly encourage matching post length. Please be sure to check out our rules and plot before registering. We ask that you register your character's first name, middle initial, and last name in the proper case like so: First M. Last. Don't hesitate to pop into the cbox to say hi or ask any questions. We don't bite. ;)

Our skin was made exclusively for Topsy Turvy by the ever amazing Lauz. All site templates were made by the equally as amazing Vanessa. Thank you to them both for sharing their talent with us to make the site look like what it does. <3

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New Member Basics
Topsy turvy! Everything is upsy daysy. Topsy turvy!. Everyone is acting crazy.
If you have not registered yet, here is a simple guideline for doing so. Your username will be your character's name, not your character's canon name. For example, Greenlee plays a character named Skylar R. Rhodes who's Disney personification is Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Upon registering, you shall sign up with proper capitalization, i.e: John R. Smith. We do not have OC accounts.

Topsy Turvy is a Disney Personified role play. Our characters are canons from Disney Movies. We only accept Disney, Disney-Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. No video games, no Disney channel movies, and no television shows. The exception is if the movie came before the TV show. An example would be Lilo and Stitch. Most of the other experiments didn't show up until the TV series but you're welcome to create them because the movie came first. But the characters from Kim Possible aren't playable because the movie followed the show.

These are spirits. This makes it easier to request characters and ages. If you want to play as a child, you can play them as a grown up. Characters can be no younger than eighteen years old.


We have several topics you MUST READ. This includes The Plot, The Rules and the The Setting.

If you still find yourself with questions after reading these topics, you may pm a member of staff or post your questions here in our Help Desk where you can also find our Frequently Asked Questions.

Once you have read our mandatory reading, your next step is the application process. You can get your application here. You can make only TWO reservations. You can reserve a face claim and a canon. You can make those reservations Here, and Here.

If you are having issues with images, there is a thread set up here where somebody can help you out. The 390×390 application image is to be of your face claim.

The freestyle part of your application is required to be 500 words minimum. If you feel like you will have trouble completing the word count, you may look at other applications for inspiration.

Claims are super simple. Follow the proper codes and these should be done in no more than ten minutes, and honestly, it's probably going to take less time. But claims have to be filled out within 24 hours of being accepted or we can't guarantee someone won't come in and snag them.

After making your claims, you can set up your shipper in the proper form found here .

The fun part. Mini profiles are simple. Here we will run down the list as it appears.

1.) Player Alias: This is what you want us to call you.
2.) Player Age: We are a premium board with mature content. Players would like to know how old their role play partners are.
3.) Player Pronouns: She/her, He/him, They/Them. What do you prefer?
4.) Player Timezone: What timezone do you live in?
5.) Contact Information: In any case someone wants to talk to you, what means is the easiest or fastest?
6.) Mature Threads: It's a yes or no question. Do you feel comfortable participating in threads with mature content or themes? Just because you say yes doesn't mean you have to but it lets people know the option may be on the table.
7.) Anything Gif: Must be Square gif but can be anything. Only you see it and it will appear above the cbox.
8.) Canon Gif: Same as the face claim gif, this one will resize to fit the profile. Must also be square.
9.) Character Nickname: What is your character's nick name?
10.) Character Age: How old if your character?
11.) Canon Character: What disney character do you play as?
12.) Powers: Limit of two powers.
13.) Character Occupation: Everyone works for a living. How does gour character make money?
14.) Character Sexuality: Love is love, no matter what it is labeled as.
15.) Character Relationship Status: Is your character taken or single and ready to mingle?
16.) Character Pronouns: Same as Player Pronouns.
17.)Instagram Link: Just the topic ## of your character Instagram thread. The rest of the link is built into the code.
18.)Twitter Link: Just the topic ## of your character Twitter thread
19.)Application Link: Just the topic ## of your characters Application
20.)Shipper Link: Just the topic ## of your characters Plot Page
21.)Tracker Link: Just the topic ## of your Tracker
22.)Canon Gif: Rectangle gif of canon that appears above post
24.)Face Claim Gif: Rectangle gif of canon that appears below post
25.)Face Claim Gif: Rectangle gif of canon that appears under hover
26.)Square Gif of Characters Significant Other:Must be square. If your character is single just put another gif of your character. Or even something they love.
27.)Character Significant Other: Name of your characters SO or leave blank
28.)SO's Application Link: Just the topic ## of your characters Significant Others Application

That's all we have. If you have more questions, please pm a member of staff or post in out help desk and someone will get to you as soon as possible.
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