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3/12 HAPPY MARCH TOPSY TURVY! We are currently about to start our third site event of the year and this one is going to be a open theme, so please get creative and plot some fun plots! Like always Please check the announcements boards for some new additives and fun ideas we've have planned for the site, this month we added a Snapchat board so people can get creative post some in character snaps. OTM's have been updated and Congrats to the new winners! As always feel free to let us know if you have any fun plots, ideas, or challenges we can do on this site. Thank you all for making the site so wonderful and filled with great contents! Always, Your Admin Team. <3

Welcome to our fun little corner of the internet. We are a Disney Personified site set in the port city of New Orleans, Louisiana, where the residents never cease to surprise you. While no one yet remembers who they are they are starting to have strange powers pop up and complicate their lives. The closest thing any one has been able to figure is that they started to make their appearance shortly after the city was struck by a massive earthquake. Some search for answers. Other try to suppress and harness their powers before it consumes them. There's even those that strive to take the power of others for themselves. The question is, what will happen next?

We have a freeform application and a 300+ word count, though we strongly encourage matching post length. Please be sure to check out our rules and plot before registering. We ask that you register your character's first name, middle initial, and last name in the proper case like so: First M. Last. Don't hesitate to pop into the cbox to say hi or ask any questions. We don't bite. ;)

Our skin was made exclusively for Topsy Turvy by the ever amazing Lauz. All site templates were made by the equally as amazing Vanessa. Thank you to them both for sharing their talent with us to make the site look like what it does. <3

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 Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this a Disney only site?

Yes, we are! We accept characters from both the animated and live action movies in the Disney-verse. This includes Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe (it needs to be a character in one of the movies. Not the comics). Do check out our Canon List for some of the existing movies. We do not accept Studio Ghibli, Miyazaki, or Henson.

The movie I'm interested in isn't on the canon list. Can I play a character from *insert movie*?

We only add movies to the canon list as characters are made. So yes. You're more than welcome to make unlisted movies.

Can we make male characters female or vice versa? Like, can we have a male version of Cinderella or female version of Prince Eric?

Unfortunately no. We don’t allow gender bending on our site.
There are a few characters that have the potential to be in question. Characters such as Wall-E or Pain and Panic should follow what is generally accepted as the gender of the character.

Can I make a character under the age of 18?

Unfortunately no. We don't accept character under the age of eighteen. We are a premium site and themes tend to be on the mature side. To avoid any issues we're just putting a blanket minimum age for every character. Please keep this in mind when making a character that has family members that can potentially be in place. If you were to make the eldest daughter of King Trident eighteen years old then none of the other sisters would be playable because they would all be too young. We wouldn't want that to happen now, would we?

What about changing the ethnicity of a character? Say, a black Evil Queen or a Hispanic Snow White?

Of course! The only thing we are strict on is the gender. Just make sure the face suits the character. If you're having trouble with this, feel free to ask the staff or other members for help! Or check out the Pb Suggestion Board.
Obviously for characters that aren't human or have an odd skin color (think purple or green), you have freedom to choose whatever face you like.
While we do discourage whitewashing we don’t have a ban on it. People are free to use the ethnicity that they choose and that they feel best suits their characters. I can personally see this happening the most when it comes to gif spam. XD
I'm fully aware that this is a controversial rule. If you don't agree please feel free to keep moving right along. Comments in the cbox well just get deleted. I'm not interested in defending it.

How much does my character have the mirror their canon counterpart?

When reading a characters application the main thing that we look for is that they have a good resemblance to the canon character. No, they don’t have to be exact carbon copies. There’s a bit of wiggle room. But we would like to see that they share some of the main traits. We don’t want to see Lilo being the popular girl at school who cares what everyone else thinks or Alice annoyed at the idea of even picking up a book.

Does the history of our character have to match that of the original character?

No, it does not. With some characters, their past is simply too difficult or far-fetched to place into the real world properly, so it is not required. You can if you'd like, however, provided it is realistic. Captain Hook doesn’t have to work on a pirate ship or have an actual iron hook.

If the original characters are related, do our characters in New Orleans have to be related too?

We generally go by a first come, first served basis. That is, the first player to take up any of those characters in the family gets to make that call. On that note, original characters which are not related can be related in New Orleans, as long as there is a consensus among both players and the characters' histories make sense.

Does my character have to have a power?

Yes. We do ask that all characters have at least one power, with a maximum of two, that they will learn to tap into in time.

My character's spirit doesn't have powers in its original universe. What power should I choose?

We made note of this within the power thread itself, but if your characters' spirit does not naturally have a power from the original story, then you should pick a power that you think would suit the spirit if it were to have had one. There needs to be some kind of reasoning and connection behind it. If you feel stuck on this, feel free to ask a staff member! We'll help you brainstorm.

What caused the powers to activate in the first place?

Unbenonced to those involved, or anyone really, pieces of the portal linking the real word with the magical realm were combined. Originally scattered throughout the town in the hopes of never being reunited, two pieces found their way into the same hands. The surge of power emitted through that action rocked the town, destroying buildings and leaving the residence relatively shaken. After all, earthquakes are uncommon in the town of New Orleans. The reuniting of the portal caused a crack in the spell, allowing small doses of magic to seep into the town.

When did the earthquake happen and the powers begin to appear?

The earthquake took place in July 2016. Shortly after the first powers began to make subtle appearances in New Orleans. However, most individuals are still discovering them currently and it's been far too soon to have a firm grasp on how to control them.

Can Powers be used outside of New Orleans?

The short answer is no. With the cracking of the spell, the powers began to seep into New Orleans. Outside of New Orleans, those who have discovered their powers cannot access them. They may change in the future as the spell cracks further or other events take place. But as of right now only while in the town can powers be used.

Does anyone have their memories from the animated world?

At the moment no. The spell was ensured that everything has been wiped clean and replaced with the memories of a life in this world. However with the spell weakened and powers being realized some are beginning to question what is going on around them. They may not have their memories but some feel as though there is something more.

Does my character have to be from New Orleans originally?

No characters can be from anywhere in the world, though they do have to current reside within the city limits at present.

Can my character leave and return to New Orleans later?

Yes, sort of. Characters can leave the town borders for a short time. However, the portal and the magic lingering through the town acts as a tether, pulling them back before too long.

Does everyone in New Orleans have to be from a magical realm?

Yes every playable character as to be from the magical realm. However, the town of New Orleans does have residences (NPC) who occupy the same town.

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