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 How The Man Became The Monster, The Life Tellings of Woodrow Linden

Woodrow B. Linden Bonnie 28 She/her PST Skype meh OK



King Triton | Partial NPC
Enhanced Awareness

Widower --

Woodrow Brian Linden
As a Child My Life was brought the same way as my Father was, and his Father, and his Father before him, and so on for many Generations. Nothing but the finest of tutors, the best of trainers to train me in athletics such as tennis, lacrosse, and equestrian activities. I learned German and Italian for they were strong masculine forms of knowledge and was taught chess and fencing. I was being bred to be a fine upstanding Gentleman of New Orleans.

My Family comes from Wealth steaming from the moment my ancestors first arrived when it was first known as a colony. Our wealth brought us respect and with the respect brought us power. Power to help guide this fine city into the finer one it is now. Somehow there has always been a Linden giving his input in the comings and goings of this town, we were looked at like Royalty. Envied by men and wanted by women vying for our attention yearning for us to choose them as ours. They were called suitors many years ago, Beaus, Sweethearts, Girlfriends who turned into Fiancés who became wives and for some who weren’t able to win that coveted spot…. mistresses were the roles they were rewarded and for some they were content while others they soon grew TOO fond of their lovers and out of spite or jealously rumors of infidelity and scandals of their relations would be swirling around the towns. Of course, everyone believed them but if every out if public they would claim that was farce and they’re all lies made up but a woman scorned for not being able to don the name Mrs. Linden.

This was how it was back in the old days, when it was common to not be faithful and the Linden men seemed to love the attention and women seemed to love to give it to us. As the years passed less and less rumors of infidelity circled around our family name as the roles seemed to change to Loving Husband or Proud Husband. Picking strong women who not only complimented them but challenged them intellectually, emotionally, and of course sensually. They were able the make the Linden men kept men.

I met my wife when I was in the final years of Business School, oh was she as fiery as the red hair on top of her head. Scoffing at my flirtations and advances at first, seeing me for the rich boy high society man I grew up to be. But something about her drew me in and I did not give up, she brought out a side I never knew before. Something that was gentle and kind, warm and loving. Although I was still very much invested in my business of the family Winery she had a way of taking me away from it, making me forget the stress that I was dealing with. All I needed was her and her joy the way she looked at the smallest things like they were the greatest wonders of all. I was smitten with her, I knew early on that I fell in love with her and though it took her longer she too fell in love with me. So when I found the moment to propose to her she couldn’t wait to say yes.

Our Wedding was lavish and grand, she was a vison walking down the aisle and I stood at the end of it beaming like a fool as all I could see was her and her beauty. I couldn’t wait for the part where they said you may now kiss the bride as I laid my first on her lips as husband and wife. The reception was amazing, catered by the finest of restaurant, bottles of wine flowing from our finest of stocks and the two of us just utterly and completely happy. Our Wedding was a dream or so my wife said throughout our Marriage. But for me, she was my dream.

Woodrow Linden is more of a NPC made only to DIE
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