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9/9 Obviously there has been some big changes to the site over the weekend. The lovely Lauz has made us a skin exclusive to Topsy Turvy. However, with that we have a lot of changes we must complete. Avatar sizes are slightly different and there are addition mini profile fields to fill out. I know it's a bit of a pain in getting everything set up now, espeically for those of us who are character whores, but once it's all complete it's going to look amazing. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask any one of us admins. We're always here to help. Also if you catch any bugs with the site PLEASE don't hesitate to let me know we I can work on a solution quickly. Thanks. <3

Welcome to our fun little corner of the internet. We are a Disney Personified site set in the port city of New Orleans, Louisiana, where the residents never cease to surprise you. While no one yet remembers who they are they are starting to have strange powers pop up and complicate their lives. The closest thing any one has been able to figure is that they started to make their appearance shortly after the city was struck by a massive earthquake. Some search for answers. Other try to suppress and harness their powers before it consumes them. There's even those that strive to take the power of others for themselves. The question is, what will happen next?

We have a freeform application and a 300+ word count, though we strongly encourage matching post length. Please be sure to check out our rules and plot before registering. We ask that you register your character's first name, middle initial, and last name in the proper case like so: First M. Last. Don't hesitate to pop into the cbox to say hi or ask any questions. We don't bite. ;)

Our skin was made exclusively for Topsy Turvy by the ever amazing Lauz. All site templates were made by the equally as amazing Vanessa. Thank you to them both for sharing their talent with us to make the site look like what it does. <3

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