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3/12 HAPPY MARCH TOPSY TURVY! We are currently about to start our third site event of the year and this one is going to be a open theme, so please get creative and plot some fun plots! Like always Please check the announcements boards for some new additives and fun ideas we've have planned for the site, this month we added a Snapchat board so people can get creative post some in character snaps. OTM's have been updated and Congrats to the new winners! As always feel free to let us know if you have any fun plots, ideas, or challenges we can do on this site. Thank you all for making the site so wonderful and filled with great contents! Always, Your Admin Team. <3

Welcome to our fun little corner of the internet. We are a Disney Personified site set in the port city of New Orleans, Louisiana, where the residents never cease to surprise you. While no one yet remembers who they are they are starting to have strange powers pop up and complicate their lives. The closest thing any one has been able to figure is that they started to make their appearance shortly after the city was struck by a massive earthquake. Some search for answers. Other try to suppress and harness their powers before it consumes them. There's even those that strive to take the power of others for themselves. The question is, what will happen next?

We have a freeform application and a 300+ word count, though we strongly encourage matching post length. Please be sure to check out our rules and plot before registering. We ask that you register your character's first name, middle initial, and last name in the proper case like so: First M. Last. Don't hesitate to pop into the cbox to say hi or ask any questions. We don't bite. ;)

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 plot with the jespaca!

Jes Jes 24 She/Her GMT+8 SKYPE/PM Yes




The Jespaca
Alpaca fan club president

Married to work -

all about

dat dramaaaa

Ayyyy! These are all my babies, packed up in one plotter for your viewing pleasure! I'm open for drama of any kind, just shoot me a PM or a message on Skype and we'll plot away! I also have want ads up for some of my character, so go ahead and check them out as well. Just gonna list down my babies here and leave links for their applications in case you wanted to read them. ^-^

brendan sidney chanson
23, nat wolff, toulouse, sidekicks

beauregard tomas leroy-
24, dudley o'shaughnessy, juju, sidekicks

dustin levi hollis
30, ryan gosling, nick wilde, rogues

gemma indie fletcher
23, hannah snowdon, captain phasma, henchmen

lincoln eugene wyatt
24, logan lerman, michael darling, neutrals

mackenzie paige fitz
25, ruby rose, morgana, villains


starving artist. musical. chill.

Bren is the eldest of the three Chanson siblings. His mom, or Maman, is none other than The Duchess, the jazz sensation at Brass Hall. Music is very much a part of his life, but his real passion lies in painting art. He's a bit of a hippie, preferring a carefree lifestyle unrestricted by rigid structure or planning. He can usually be found close to nature with his painting kit and sometimes a joint stashed away to get a good high. Hit my boy up for plots!

FRIENDS. Bren is the friendly and laidback type, so making friends wouldn't be an issue for him. Most of his pals would be from the art or music scene, or possibly the writing scene as well. His childhood bestie is Ridley Linden but he definitely has a lot of space in his life for other friends as well!

ENEMIES. He's a bit unconventional, and unambitious, so some may find him a little irritating. He's also big on family, so anyone who's offended his family has offended him, hurt his family and he'll hurt you.

LOVERS. Bren just got out of a messy relationship, so he's single as a pringle. Am open to past, present and future ideas!


voodoo priest in training. athletic.

Beau comes from a long line of voodoo priests. He's currently a fitness instructer and amateur boxer, though his future is pretty much set in stone - he's training to succeed his grandfather and father as the houngan asogwe, the high priest.


ENEMIES. He's very principled and serious when it comes to voodoo. He considers himself a guardian of sorts and he does his best to protect a dying tradition. He doesn't care much when people mock his beliefs, but he gets properly riled up when people misuse voodoo. Anyone who's an enemy of the Halliwells is also an enemy to him, there's nothing he wouldn't do for that family.

LOVERS. Beau is super flirty, but he's fully committed to Rosaleen Halliwell, who he also considers his best friend.


con artist. card counter. art lover.

Dusty's family didn't have a lot of money when he was growing up. Often, he had to go without many of the toys and treats his friends took for granted. When his mom was fired and cheated out of a paycheck, young Dusty resolved to become successful so he could take care of his beloved momma. And he did it the only way he knew how - by being a better cheat than anybody else. He's a con artist by trade, and recently he's gone into art theft - higher risk but higher profit.

FRIENDS. He can be a little untrusting, and that paired with the nature of his job would mean that he has a very small circle of friends. But the moment Dusty considers someone a friend and lets them into his life, they're buddies forever! He values his friendships a lot, because these are the people he trusts his secrets with. They know everything about his history and his double life. To acquaintances - Dusty is a business consultant with a penchant for collecting art.

ENEMIES. Oooh Dusty has many many enemies - people he has scammed over the years. He's had a few close calls with some of his old victims, who usually try to bring him in to face the law! But he's been lucky so far, managing to evade capture. The police have an idea of his existence, though so far they've not been able to get a proper name or description.

LOVERS. Dusty is married to Adalia! They've had a whirlwind romance so far, and secretly their friends and family think they've rushed into it. The catch is - there's always a catch - she's a cop and he's been keeping his job a lie. Past romances are definitely welcome though!


impulsive. resourceful. creative.

Gem is the only child of her Mom and Mama. From a young age, that set her apart from most of her school mates, who thought her family unnatural and weird. When she was fifteen, her Mama died, her best friend moved away and she got dumped by her first boyfriend (the ass). All those things kind of screwed up her relationships. She's distant, and is good at keeping people at arms-length. She's the kind of person who doesn't have one great life ambition, or a specific direction she wants to go in. She's happy figuring things out along the way, often spontaneous and impulsive. She's currently the owner of a tattoo and piercing shop.

FRIENDS. She has a bit of an issue letting people get close to her, so her close friends would be few and far between. Probably she only has several whom she confides in (Carlo and Quinn already being part of that gang). She enjoys signing up for classes/workshops and learning new things - anything creative or related to arts and crafts. So it's possible she'll meet some friends there.

ENEMIES. Gem is impulsive and has a bit of a temper. She's not afraid of conflicts and will jump into an argument without hesitation. When she's not working and getting to know new people, she can also appear cold and distant, so that might come across as being rude.

LOVERS. The love of her life is Carlo Carnes. They argue a lot in their relationship, but they always end up back together. She only dated one guy before Carlo, but he broke up with her when he decided her Mama getting cancer made her too mopey and uninteresting.


investor. sweet tooth. man-child.

For a guy who was named after a great president, Link sure doesn't act like it. He is amused by most things, preferring to think of life as some sort of playground. Practically allergic to boredom and monotony, he livened up his childhood with all the jokes and pranks he could afford to get away with. As a grown up, he takes risks of a different sort - dabbling in start-ups and various investments, which brought him to NOLA.

FRIENDS. Link is definitely out to make as many friends as he can in life. He has a voracious appetite and a love for movies, so food and films are definitely the way to go. He probably needs a few close buddies, people whom he can trust and count on. Hint: win him over with a massive offering of sweet treats and desserts.

ENEMIES. He can be immature at times, which infuriates people who think he's not taking them seriously. He'd probably find some potential rivals in other investors as well, who might see his presence as a threat? Link just isn't afraid of spending his money because he goes by the motto that money is meant to be spent and he just earn some more anyway. He's mostly a nice guy, but he can be a jerk if he wants to.

LOVERS. He never had anything serious in the past, but he's currently engaged to Ridley Linden thanks to their fathers' meddling. At the moment he's trying his best to find a way out of it, but eventually he'll fall for her and then he'll be fighting to keep the engagement alive muahaha.


muscle for hire. arsonist. ex-convict.

Kenzie has been described as wild, unhinged, a loose cannon, violent. And she's okay with that description. She's spent the last five years behind bars, for trespassing and arson on The Linden Winery. These days, she works for Marietta at The Hall of Mirrors, as a bouncer and also any other dirty jobs the boss needs done. She's becoming just as messed up as the people she hangs around with, and with only a few sane loved ones in her life to keep her anchored, there's no stopping her from heading down the road of destruction and self-destruction.

FRIENDS. Her experiences in life have made her extremely guarded, so it takes her a long time to open up to new people. Her best friend is her childhood playmate Micah Durr, whom she still considers her greatest support and confidant.

ENEMIES. It's usually hard to stir Kenzie into a rage, but you only have to say the magic word - Linden - to really get her going. If your last name ends with Linden, you're automatically an enemy to her as she hates that family with a burning passion.

LOVERS. Her first and last boyfriend was Micah, and after that she's steered clear from guys because Kenzie is into chicks. She's had a couple of on and off lovers in high school, nothing too serious. Having spent the last five years in prison, she probably did have a prison wife tucked away somewhere, but she's been enjoying the single life ever since her release.


Lucinda R. Carmichael Sacha Old She/Her EST Discord Yes




Sarah Sanderson
Siren's Song & Addictive Aura
Sugar Baby (Drug Dealer)

Single 0

Kenzie & Lulu
The one that immediately jumps out at me would be Kenzie, for a few reasons actually! Lulu is an active sugar baby and will probably put the club to use now and again when she doesn't want to deal with her super clingy clients (which there are a few). That means she has probably come across Kenzie on multiple occasions. Lulu will flirt with just about anyone and gender to her simply doesn't seem to be a factor. That Kenzie has a reputation of being volatile and rough would really only excite Lulu, since she tends to favor rough lovers. Maybe Kenzie likes the attention? Lulu is a very pretty girl after all, a bit ditzy (understatement), but its all part of her charm! Any ideas you may have I would love to hear them or if you'd like to plot anyone else with her, I am totally up for that as well! ♥

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